ParticiPaid supports „Fridays for Future“

By Admin , Sunday, 29 Sep 2019

Students around the world are walking out of school on Fridays to demand faster action on climate change. The protests were inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began skipping school in August 2018. Also in Germany, thousands of students have walked out of class in cities from Hamburg to Munich.

The protesters argue that governments everywhere are failing to adopt policies ambitious enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change. They say today’s policymakers will be gone by the time the most serious climate impacts emerge, while their generation will have to deal with the consequences. Many of the protests have been organized under the name „Fridays for Future“.

Recently ParticiPaid has joined a fast growing network of various organizations, companies and private activists called „München muss handeln“ to support „Fridays for Future“ also on a local basis in Bavaria, as many ParticiPaiders are located in Germany.