„Hill Tribe orphans“ have announced their first successful cooperation with ParticiPaid

By Admin , Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017

We are honored to receive this message from Nicolás Heyden, one of the young and talented authors of 1stlife (www.firstlife.de) who is also managing the „Hill Tribe orphans“ project on ParticiPaid: „We are very happy to announce our first successful cooperation between ParticiPaid and the El Shadai for Hill Tribe orphanage located in Chiang Rai! El Shadai is a small private initiative funded by donations from people all over the world, which took the task of giving shelter to sixteen abandonded and poor children from different ethnic minorities in Amphoe Chiang Rai province. Surasak Klumsomphan, a member of the so called Lahu ethnicity himself, is founder and director of the El Shadai home, running it together with his family. The El Shadai Orphanage´s capacity is limited to a small number of children and of course it makes nothing more but a drop in the ocean. Tragically there hasn´t been established much govermental help for those so-called hill tribe children in Thailand yet, wherefore orphanages such as the El Shadai make essential part of giving young aged a christian valued education, access to school as well as a save and loveful home. Since the criminal underworld in northern Thailand established a huge business with child prostitution, drugs and weapon trafficking to civil war country Birma, taking care of these children has become much more important than ever before. Thanks to generous donators from Europe, Australia and Japan, we were able to prevent the orphanage several times from being broke, looking forward to help those children also in upcoming years. There again, we actually can´t show properly how thankful we are for the latest help and look forward to consolidate our cooperation with ParticiPaid.“