"f1stlife" invites ParticiPaid to join editorial meeting

By Admin , Thursday, 3 Aug 2017

Many thanks to our partner "f1stlife" (www.firstlife.de) for the opportunity to join their latest editorial meeting in Cologne, Germany. We participated via skype call to discuss our further collaboration. The online magazine allows young people between 15 and 25 years to get involved in journalistic activities, convey their values and beliefs and publish their value-based contributions - on all topics that interest them. Young people visit f1rstlife to inform, meet and make personal friendships in real life and discuss about values that keep all of them together. "f1rstlife" is not commercial. The money that the foundation receives by donations fully flows into the operation and development of the website. "f1stlife's" core values are human dignity and solidarity, fairness, compassion, social and environmental responsibility, community involvement and tolerance.