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Lanta Animal Welfare

Since 2008
Location: Global

Location: Global

Language: English

Category: Veterinary care

Website: http://www.lantaanimalwelfare.com

Start Date: 15th May, 2017

End Date:31st Aug, 2017



Project mission

YOU CAN HELP OUR DOGS They Desperately Need Emergency Tick Prevention! Lanta Animal Welfare is an animal rescue charity on Koh Lanta, in Thailand. The charity has a population of 40 dogs, receiving medical treatment or waiting to travel to their forever homes. The control of fleas and ticks is always a challenge with a dog, and with 40 dogs it is of critical importance. Presently, there is an increase in cases of tic-born disease, and this can be life-threatening for the dogs. Tick Prevention Medicine is an oral chew that provides dogs protection against fleas and ticks. It eliminates current flea infestations and prevents new ones from developing for 12 weeks. One dose (one chew) of Tick Prevention Medicine starts to kill fleas within 2 hours and controls 4 tick species. It quickly reaches tissue fluids under the dog's skin. When fleas and ticks feed on the dog, they ingest the medicine and die. The dogs at Lanta Animal Welfare need to begin emergency tick prevention treatment to eliminate fleas and ticks. The treatment is one chew every 12 weeks/3 months. The cost for one chew is $30 US. YOU CAN help us begin to treat our 40 dogs against fleas and ticks NOW YOU CAN help us raise $1,200

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Tick Prevention Medicine - One Dose
location: global

Lanta Animal WelfareProject manager

From 15th, May
Till 31st, Aug

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