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TuaRes Stiftung

Since 2016
Location: Global

Location: Global

Language: English

Category: Education

Website: https://www.tuares.org

Start Date: 27th Mar, 2019

End Date:31st May, 2019



Project mission

For the girl friendly spaces on our five projects sites we have created libraries. During their lunch breack, TuaRes girls can retreat therein, read a good book and learn about other cultures or just read a good novel. We have realized that in school, our girls get to read many extracts of books and we thought it might be a great opportunity for them to be able to find the entire books in our TuaRes libraries to be able to read them in whole. Therefore, we have created a list of books needed. The estimated amount for these books is EUR 1500. Thank you for helping us buy these books.

Project needs

Books for our TuaRes girls
location: global

TuaRes StiftungProject manager

From 27th, Mar
Till 31st, May

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