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What is ParticiPaid: ParticiPaid wants to help! How? We thrive to create a simple social media platform for those who do good around the world in order to achieve positive change. We assist project managers primarily by linking them to a vast global network where availability of physical resources, volunteers, financial needs are easily accessible. Everybody can join. And everybody who is doing good, will get rewarded. For that we have invented our karma shop system which is unique in the world. ParticiPaid is matching the Wants and the Needs, thus projects and participants are located just a click away.


Our mission: ParticiPaid helps project managers link to an extensive global network of resources, volunteers and financial assistance, as required, while also offering volunteers a user-friendly platform where they can find and help projects in their particular way. PariticiPaid offers all stakeholders, be it individuals, organizations or other members of civil society a secure Internet platform for the charitable development sector with social media functionality. Our strategy and goals include reaching out to and engaging the general public to partake in projects and reward their contribution in an uncomplicated manner This is a wholly unique and important concept that has shaped the ideology behind ParticiPaid. At ParticiPaid, both civil society and the charitable community can come together on a singular platform for maximum global outreach. We strive to support project managers, with tools, credibility and provision of needs in order to accomplish their objectives. It is our intention to connect global and local players who do their best to achieve progress and lend a helping hand to all those individuals and communities at need. Our vision for 2025 is to be recognized as the most effective “Do Good Network” at the global level. Help us achieve our dream.


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9th Jul, 2015