How does ParticiPaid work?
ParticiPaid links people who want to do good around the world - and also with all kinds of charitable projects. We match those who want to help with those who need help in an exceptional and innovative way. Everybody can join. And everybody who does good, is rewarded via our unique Karma Points system.
I want to help. What kind of projects can I support?
How can I help also without donating money and even indirectly?
Being rewarded with Karma Points. What does it mean?
Being rewarded with a Badge. What does it mean?
What is on our Karma Shop?
How do I check how many Karma Points I have?
How does the Karma Point system work generally?
What is a project?
What is a need?
What are User wishes?
Who can join ParticiPaid?
How can I receive help for my do good project?
I manage charitable projects successfully and receive lots of donations. Why should I join ParticiPaid?
How does the Invite-a-friend function work?
Who can see my profile?
I can't see my own "offers", "wishes" and the "needs" of my projects on the Karma Shop. Why?
What is the mandatory Karma Point contribution to ParticiPaid?