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Enactus Munich

Since 2016
Location: Global

Location: Global

Language: English

Start Date: 1st May, 2016



Project mission

Over 3 billion people in the world still burn polluting fuels, such as manure and coal, to cook and heat their homes. These fuels create toxic gases that become deadly when inhaled daily. As a result, each year over four million people worldwide die due to indoor air pollution. The aim of our project reStove is to address the health related issues caused by household air pollution. Along with making peoples' lives safer, we seek to empower people through our work. Currently, we are building an inclusive business model which manufactures Chulha ovens from local resources, and then sells them to the surrounding areas. By applying our model, not only can we help to reduce respiratory and other illness, or foster a safer home environment for families, but we can also create new jobs and income for local people. Programs to educate on the health issues of indoor air pollution and for the empowering of women, are a main pillar of our work. In summary, the main goal of reStove is to improve the long-run health and strength of families and women, with a sustainable cook stove that can be self-manufactured and managed, and allows local business opportunity.


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