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TuaRes Stiftung

Since 2016
Location: Global

Location: Global

Language: English

Category: Addictions

Website: http://www.tuares.org

Start Date: 22nd Oct, 2016



Project mission

TuaRes Foundation, founded in 2012, focuses on enabling vulnerable girls in Burkina Faso to access education which they are often denied by providing them and their families with food aid, school materials, solar lamps and bicycles along with psychosocial counselling and professional development. TuaRes also pay for school fees, provides school meals and arranges tuition classes for the student participants. Since 2012, we have supported over 12000 young women in primary, secondary and tertiary education. TuaRes has begun to promote basic STEM Education for the young women as way to improve their employability and confidence in the workplace. Computer skills are critical to in the labour market and for many aspects of life today. Our "Girls Tech" program engages nearly all of our students in secondary school. Using a curriculum developed by our team, girls learn basic digital literacy skills such as standard office programs, Internet basics including security and safety, as well as simple notions of coding. The young women at TuaRes love the Girls Tech program and are extremely happy to have the opportunity to learn these valuable life skills. We would be thankful for your financial and material support in this project! Thank you, Your TuaRes Foundation


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